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The Top 6 Types of Drywall and How You Can Use Them


There are numerous durable materials you can use for building different properties. One of the best ones to choose is drywall. Drywall is a versatile material that is perfect for covering ceilings and walls. They are available in different types for different applications.

In this article, you can learn more about drywall, its types, and how you can use them in construction.


What Is Drywall?


Drywall is one of the favoured materials used for building properties. This material is also called Sheetrock. It is a man-made building material that consists of a mixture of gypsum and paper. It is used as a base for wall coverings. It is also used for creating a flat and smooth surface for the walls.


What Are the Types of Drywall and How Do Use Them?


There are different types of drywall for different applications. These include:


1. Regular Drywall


Regular drywall, also known as white board, is the most common type and is regularly used for walls and ceilings in various residential and commercial projects. Most of these boards come in 0.5-inch thickness and 4 ft. x 8 ft. in size. However, they can be available in smaller 2 ft. x 2 ft. sizes and lengths up to 16 ft.


2. Plasterboard


Plasterboard, also known as blue board, serves as a base for plaster applications like walls and laths. To install this board, you have to apply a thin coat of plaster over the entire surface. Through this, the plaster will stick to the drywall better. Usually, plasterboards are used in older homes to give a lath and plaster effect.


3. Fire-Resistant Drywall


If you want a safer application for your home, you can invest in fire-resistant drywall. Specialised fire-resistant drywall is a great choice for basements and garages, as well as rooms where you will place equipment that might possibly cause a fire. This type of drywall contains fibreglass, which means that it doesn’t burn as fast and it slows down the progress of the fire.


When purchasing fire-resistant drywall, you can opt to get Type X or Type C. Type X offers one-hour protection against fires. You can use it in multiple layers if you want added protection. On the other hand, Type C also offers one hour of protection. However, it does not shrink even while burning. Type C is often installed in ceilings as they can prevent them from collapsing should a fire happen.


4. Soundproof Drywall


All types of drywall have sound insulation properties, but soundproof drywall has the best abilities. This is built with additional fibre, polymers, and gypsum for a better sound transmission class. Most of the time, soundproof drywall is installed between shared walls and living spaces. However, it should be noted that because of its thicker and denser nature, it is more difficult to work with them.


5. Mold-Resistant Drywall


Green board, or mould-resistant drywall, is a good pick for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. They come with paper-backing that’s thicker than regular drywall. They are also coated with some wax for extra moisture resistance.


6. VOC-Absorbing Drywall


Finally, the newest addition to drywalls is the VOC-absorbing drywall. This type captures chemicals and other organic compounds and traps them inside the drywall. The best thing about this drywall is that it can do the job even when it is painted over up to 75 years.


Final Thoughts


Drywall is a useful material that can be used for a variety of material properties. If you use them correctly, you can build durable properties that can last for many years. Aside from being easy to install and affordable, they are environmentally friendly.


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