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The Beginner’s Guide to Drywall and Its Advantages


Drywall has become a recent favourite of many when it comes to building materials. It is not only affordable and easy to work with, but it is still durable and beginner-friendly. If you want to learn more about drywall, then keep reading below.


What Is Drywall?


Drywall is a type of plaster that is used for purposes of finishing and construction. It is used to cover the framework and other materials in a building. It also has a very dull finish, which actually makes it a very helpful material because it is easy to paint over. 


Unlike wood, drywall is very durable. It is very resistant to termites, fires, and rot. In addition, drywall is lightweight, which makes it less expensive to transport and install than other materials. Its ability to be easily worked with has made it a popular choice of so many.


What Are the Advantages of Using Drywall?


It is not uncommon to see a lot of builders, both DIY and professionals, turn to drywall in a lot of their projects. Below are some of the main advantages as to why drywall is preferred.


1. Affordability


Drywall is known to be one of the least expensive building materials that you can use. This can be attributed to its lightweight, which makes it cheaper to transport. The low price of drywall also helps to keep costs down for project owners.


2. Very Durable


Drywall is known to be very durable, which is one of the reasons why it is used in construction. Because of this, it is actually used in a lot of commercial buildings, such as offices, businesses and hospitals. Moreover, drywall is known to have a lot of resistance to fire. This means that it can withstand a fire that may damage some parts of a building.


3. Easy to Work With


Compared to other building materials, drywall is very easy to work with. This makes it a great option for beginners, especially because it doesn’t require much effort to do so. This is because it is lightweight, which means that it can be easily cut into pieces. It is a very easy material to apply, too. This is because it has water vapour that makes it stick together whenever it is wet.


4. Great Insulation


Drywall is known to be a great insulator. This helps keep the building warm during winter and cool during summer. It also helps to block noise and outside elements from coming in.


5. Great Resistance


This material is also known to be highly resistant to flames, smoke, water, and moisture. These resistive properties are very useful when disaster strikes because not only will they help protect the structure and the people inside, but it will also lessen the damage done, which would be very useful. Not many materials hold these properties, and to have it with drywall is a great advantage, especially considering its other traits and characteristics.




Drywall is still one of the most-used materials for finishing and construction, and it is not hard to see why. It is lightweight, easy to work with, easy to install and very strong. The low cost of drywall also makes it a very popular choice for many. This material has many advantages, and because of this, there are still a lot of projects being done with it. In addition, contractors are beginning to turn to it for their renovation and renovation needs, too.


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