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Why Solid Plastering Is a Great Option for Your Space

Plastering With Hand

If you want your space and dry wall to look good even after decades, you must ensure that your ceilings and walls are coated with suitable materials. One of the best ways to ensure a well-maintained home is to choose plastering services.


Starting on a large plastering project can be a daunting task. You might have many questions: What is the ideal approach to the process? Which plastering service should you talk to? And so on! A good plastering company like We Plaster & Recruit will be able to offer you the best quality services and will ensure that your work is completed adhering to the highest standards.


Before we look at its benefits, let’s first understand what it is exactly. 


Not Your Average Dry Wall


Solid plastering is a construction method involving thick layers of plaster applied to both surfaces of a structure to protect it from damage or decay. The results are reinforced layers that do not crack, are waterproof, and can retain their appearance for many years. 


The Benefits


Aside from the above information, solid plastering also results in these benefits:


Customisability: When plastering the dry walls of your room, you have several choices available for creating texture and design. You can embellish the interiors with solid plastering while giving the room a more decorative appeal. 


The dray walls of your room can be any colour you like; they can be smooth and glossy, rough and gritty, painted with vibrant colours, or left bare in the natural light of day. It’s your call.


Fire-resistant dry walls: The last thing a homeowner wants is to face the loss of their home. You can take simple, practical steps to ensure that your house and everything you own is protected from fire. 


Neatly plaster the walls and ceilings with fire-rated and soundproofing plaster, and you’ll easily suit the health and safety regulations. Your house will be solid and safe, and you won’t have to worry about losing everything ever again.


Hardiness: Solid plastering is highly durable and long-lasting, which is one of the primary reasons why homeowners choose this method. Your home will hold up well against damage from general wear and tear, dents and scratches, keeping each area looking new for a long time.


Sleek aesthetics: If you’re looking for an elegant, modern look on your walls, consider using plastering techniques to cover them. Plastering achieves a smooth and beautiful surface; it’s a fine finish ready to paint soon after it dries. Do you want straight lines and perfectly smooth corners? Solid plastering can help. 


Soundproof areas: You can install soundproofing material in a room with solid plastering to cut out the background noise. These walls will be thick and will help keep unwanted sounds at bay. Solid plastering is also an excellent option for creating a music room.


Weatherproof dry walls: If you plan to build in a region prone to weather damage, choose solid plastering for your walls. It will make your home more resistant to water damage and mould growth. Your walls will look clean and shiny for years.


Plaster Your Dry Walls


A home’s foundation is only as strong as its supporting structures. To that end, don’t use wood or other low-quality materials when building your home. Use a tried and trusted component like solid plastering for your dry walls to protect your interiors for decades to come.


Contact We Plaster & Recruit today, and we’ll cover your dry wall in Brisbane for you. We’re a registered service that’s fully licensed and insured, so you’ll get quality work for your interiors. Find out more through our website.

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