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Everything You Must Know about Commercial Wall Plastering

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Wall plastering is a process of applying a layer of cement, lime, or gypsum plaster to the interior or exterior of a building’s walls to provide a smooth, attractive finish. It is an important part of the building process and can be used to create a variety of textures and effects.

To learn more about commercial wall plastering and how it can benefit a business, continue reading our guide below.

What Is Commercial Wall Plastering?

Commercial wall plastering is the process of applying a thin, even layer of plaster over a wall to create a smooth, uniform surface. This type of plastering is often used in commercial buildings and offices, as it helps to create a professional and attractive look.

Why Should You Consider Commercial Wall Plastering?

1. Prevent Water Ingress into Bricks and Blocks

When it comes to commercial properties, especially those that are exposed to the elements, wall plastering can be invaluable in protecting the building from water ingress. Water can seep in through cracks and crevices in a structure, causing damage to the underlying materials and leading to costly repairs.

Plastering helps to form a barrier between the external elements and the interior of the building, providing a layer of protection that can help to prevent water ingress and other damage.

2. Make Up for Issues Like Plumb-Outs and Diagonal-Outs

Wall plastering can also be used to make up for any issues that may have occurred during the construction of the building, such as plumb-outs and diagonal-outs. These issues can cause the walls to become uneven, making it difficult to fit fixtures and furniture into the space. Plastering helps to even out the walls, making it easier to install those fixtures and furniture.

3. Prepare a Proper Base

The plaster helps to fill in any gaps that may exist between the bricks or blocks, providing a more even surface for the construction. This helps to ensure that the building is structurally sound and that the walls and ceilings will be able to withstand the weight of the materials and furniture that will be placed in the space.

4. Make Up for Undulations While Casting Concrete

Plastering can be used to make up for any undulations while casting concrete. This is especially useful for buildings that have curved walls or ceilings, as the plaster can be used to fill in any gaps or inconsistencies in the concrete.

What Are the Advantages of Commercial Wall Plastering?

1. Durability

Commercial wall plastering provides a durable finish that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This is especially important in high-traffic areas, as the plaster will be able to withstand the impacts of people and objects moving around the area. The plaster can also be applied in thicker layers, allowing it to last even longer.

2. Resistance to Knocks and Dents

Commercial wall plastering is highly resistant to knocks and dents, which is essential in areas where furniture and other objects are moved around frequently. The plaster can also be used to fill in any gaps or holes in the wall, which can help to limit the damage caused by knocks and dents.

3. Strong Bond

Commercial wall plastering ensures that the plaster won’t crack or come off easily, even in areas that experience a lot of movement and vibration. The strong bonds also help to ensure that the plaster will last for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

Commercial wall plastering is an important part of any construction project. It helps to ensure that the walls and ceilings are watertight and durable, and it can also be used to create interesting textures and shapes. Therefore, it is essential to consider commercial wall plastering when planning any construction project.

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