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Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home and Impress Buyers

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A seasonally adjusted report from the National Association of Realtors shows that in November, sales of previously owned houses jumped 1.9 percent from October to 6.46 million units. Potential buyers may find your home more enticing because of the better weather and newfound energy.

But if you want to raise its value, you’ll have to put in some effort.

Here are some pointers for attracting potential buyers and increasing the resale value of your home, from improving the appearance from the outside to updating the interior:

1. Enhance the External Appearance 

Increasing your house’s curb appeal is one of the most cost-effective home upgrades you can do. Your home’s exterior will attract more guests if it is visible to a larger audience. Consider adding features that increase the aesthetics of your property and its durability and security. 

Unlike natural wood, composite timber cladding will not decay or discolour in the sun or rain. This will be seen favourably by buyers interested in making a long-term investment in your home. 

Fencing the front yard is another excellent approach to enhance the property’s street appeal. While adding seclusion and protection, a fence for the front yard makes it more functional than merely a lovely green for display. 

A fenced-in front yard is a secure haven for children and pets to run around in. Composite fencing is a perfect option if you want the look and feel of a natural timber fence but don’t want to deal with the upkeep.

2. De-clutter Your Space 

You don’t need to spend a penny on improving the value of your property. Clear away all the things that make your house appear cluttered, bustling, and “lived in,” such as family photos, small kitchen appliances, books, and toys, throughout a single weekend. 

The idea is to create an open, clean environment that a potential buyers might imagine themselves living in. Also, do a complete residence cleaning, whether you want to do it yourself or hire a cleaning company.  With this, your house will appear larger, brighter, and more inviting to potential buyers.

3. Update the Coat of Paint 

Even if you can’t afford to paint your entire house, painting areas that are often used (the kitchen and bathroom) or that appear scuffed can add 1% to 3% to the value of your property, depending on the quality of the paint. 

The turquoise colour in the guest bathroom or the forest green bedroom of your kid might also use a re-do—bright and gaudy paint colours are rarely well-received by potential purchasers. Instead, stick to neutral shades like greys, off-whites, and creams instead of brighter ones for your interior design palette.

4. Upgrades to the Kitchen or Bathroom 

When it’s time to put your home on the market this spring, don’t skimp on updating the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms may instantly update or date a house when done correctly. 

As a result, they are essentially selling elements. To make a space “immediately liveable,” consider doing a little repair job, such as replacing a broken bathroom sink or a missing countertop in the kitchen, rather than doing a total overhaul.

5. Take Full Advantage of the Backyard 

Homebuyers all over Australia are considering the possibility of their property’s backyard as an addition to their living space, thanks to the country’s increasingly warm environment. For this reason, you may immediately boost the market value of your property by building a decked outdoor entertaining area. This could be the feature that convinces them to make an offer. 

The highest return on your investment will come from composite timber decking. It won’t need to be repainted or changed every few years because there is no possibility of water damage or decay.


You can do several things to increase the value of your home and impress buyers. By making simple improvements such as painting the walls, decluttering the space, and adding curb appeal, you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Additionally, it’s essential to be realistic about your asking price and be willing to negotiate. Following these tips can increase your chances of selling your home quickly and reasonably priced.

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