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5 Tips for Properly Maintaining a Polished Plaster Wall

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Polished plaster is popular for homes and businesses because of its glossy, luxurious appearance. It is more durable and long-lasting than paint or wallpaper and is relatively easy to care for. With regular maintenance, it can stay looking perfect for years to come.

To make your polished plaster wall look new for years, here are five maintenance tips to follow:

1. Ensure the Wall’s Finish Is Sealed with Wax

Determining if your Venetian plaster wall has been sealed with wax before any cleaning or maintenance is attempted is essential. If it has not, the wall is more vulnerable to water, and it is best to consult a specialist. If the wall has been sealed, it should be easy to clean and maintain. Older walls may have lost their protective coating, so testing a small area is advised before cleaning.

2. Clean with Mild Soap and Warm Water

It is important to be gentle with the surface to clean a sealed polished plaster wall. Start by soaking a cloth in warm water and adding a tiny amount of mild liquid soap to the centre. Ensure the soap is gentle and does not contain bleach or harsh chemicals that might damage the wall. Gently rub the wall in circular motions to remove dirt and grime. If a stain is difficult to remove, try rubbing it gently with a commercial cleaning wipe that does not contain bleach. It is important never to use an abrasive cloth or product on the wall.

3. Dry Off Any Moisture Thoroughly

Sealed Venetian plaster is resistant to water, but it is important to dry off any moisture left on its surface properly. After cleaning the wall, dry the area with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Move the cloth in circular motions to help bring back the shine of your plaster and make it look more vibrant. Take extra care to ensure no watermarks or smudges are left on the wall.

4. Make Repairs When Necessary

Polished plaster is known for its strength and durability but can still be damaged, leaving scratches and cracks. Fortunately, repairing it is simply because the plaster is applied in layers. It is possible to repair it yourself, but it is recommended to contact a specialist to ensure the wall looks perfect again.

5. Treat It Gently

Polished plaster is a great way to add a luxurious look to your home. It looks like marble, giving the space a classy, opulent feel. The best part is that it is very durable and requires little maintenance or cleaning to keep its gorgeous appearance. To keep your polished plaster walls looking their best, always use gentle cleaning products to preserve the surface of your polished plaster walls. This will help it keep its lustre and its beautiful look for years.


Proper maintenance of a polished plaster wall is essential to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. Utilising the five tips outlined above can help to keep a polished plaster wall looking its best. Additionally, seeking professional advice and assistance when necessary can be beneficial in helping to maintain a polished plaster wall in good condition. Following these tips can help ensure your walls remain in good condition for years.

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