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9 Things Professionals Consider When Painting over Drywall

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Many homeowners pick drywall for their homes because it is more affordable, fire-resistant, and can insulate sound and temperature. They may also paint over it after installation. 

Adding a fresh coat of colour to your newly-installed drywall can help brighten the room and boost your property value. Painting it can also help protect your home from expensive damages. However, as you contact your local contractors, you might wonder what they do to ensure they smoothly and efficiently apply those long-lasting colours. 

This article will discuss nine things professionals consider when painting your drywall. 

1. Seal the Holes and Cracks 

Besides being an eyesore, holes and cracks can also indicate your drywall has a severe problem. 

Professional painters will apply drywall compound to the gaps or gouges using a putty knife. On the other hand, they’ll use some putty and light spackle to fill the holes and cracks. A flexible filler for drywall treatments works best if your wall surface has small holes or cracks. 

2. Sand the Imperfections Away  

After letting the sealers dry, they’ll sand down the area’s imperfections. A wood sander will damage your drywall’s delicate surface. On the other hand, professional painters strongly recommend fine sandpaper and drywall sanders because they create a smoother surface. 

3. Clean the Drywall’s Surface 

Before painting or priming drywall, professional painters must always ensure a clean canvas. Newly-installed drywall can be dusty, and repaired ones in kitchens or bathrooms can accumulate oil, moisture, and grease. 

Painters can prevent cracking or chipping new paint by using a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt, dust, and grease buildup. They may also lightly sand the drywall or existing paint if it’s rough or slightly damaged. Neglecting this crucial step will decrease the paint’s effectiveness, and the grime may be visible in the finished results. 

4. Apply Painter’s Tape

Before beginning the paint job, they must apply painter’s tape to protect all edges from paint stains. They may also “cut in” on the edges while painting to achieve a clean finish.

5. Apply a Professional Drop Cloth

Besides the painter’s tape, painters must put down several professional drop cloths to protect the surfaces in your room. It will also prevent it from spreading paint across the house and protect your floors. 

6. Protect the Surrounding Area

No homeowner would want their priceless furniture covered in paint splatters. And for this reason, professional painters need to protect the surrounding areas. They may remove pieces of furniture from the workspace or throw a plastic tarp covering everything that remains in the room. They may also place several fans in the room to ensure proper ventilation.

7. Prime the Drywall 

Professional painters use polyvinyl acetate (PVA) to help the paint stick to the drywall surface better. Adding a pre-coat or primer can help prepare the surface and help the paint stay longer. It can also help reduce the required coats and create a cleaner result. 

However, while tinting the primer helps reduce the number of coats and match the final colour, this technique only works for a few dark colours. Professional painters use a grey primer tint when working with darker colours because it usually works better with darker shades.

8. Paint the Drywall

Next, professional painters will apply paint using rollers or sprayers. While spraying provides faster and even results, it requires a lot of preparation. On the other hand, although rolling can take a little longer, it requires a more straightforward application. 

9. Let It Dry

Lastly, professional painters will give the paint ample time to dry before applying the next coat. The drying time depends on how you used the primer, your climate, and which colour you used. 

Colouring a Brighter Home

Painting your drywall can boost your property value and brighten your room. While it may be tempting to do it yourself, hiring professional painters can help ensure better results. 

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