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Plasterboard or Drywall: A Guide for Beginners


You may be confused regarding the distinction between drywall and plasterboard. These materials are the same but have different names due to geographical differences.

The inner layers of the plasterboards are similar to plaster, which has been used in construction for centuries. However, plaster has evolved into today’s widely used drywall material. 

Drywall as the New Standard

Drywall recently rose as an excellent low-cost plastering option that avoided the need to wait for the plaster to dry. Homeowners appreciated the flame-resistant properties and ease of installation. 

Despite its unique characteristics, the use of drywall did not take off immediately. However, by the mid-century, it had gained a reputation as an exceedingly popular building material. 

The baby boomer generation needed more inexpensive and energy-efficient building materials. This boosted drywall sales, resulting in its continued popularity until this day.

A Guide to Plasterboard or Drywall

Here are some things you need to know about plasterboard or drywall:

1. Properties

Plasterboards are popular building materials for walls and ceilings because of their unique properties, as follows:

  • They are made of gypsum board covered with a paper facing. 
  • They are both versatile materials used in various residential and commercial construction applications. 
  • You can use drywall to create walls, ceilings, and floors. It is also used to create partitions, soffits, and suspended ceilings.
  • They are both lightweight and easy to install. They also have soundproofing qualities, are very durable, and are resistant to fire. 
  • Plasterboard and drywall are environmentally friendly because they are made of natural materials and recyclable.

2. Manufacturing Process

Gypsum is typically used to make drywall or plasterboards. This white sandy mineral is extracted from the ground in a variety of sites across the world. The mineral has a high water content, which gives drywall its fire resistance.

Moreover, gypsum is used in various products, including drywall boards, lawn fertiliser, and sidewalk chalk. 

Adding recycled paper pulp to gypsum creates a slurry or paste, which is applied in thin layers between two layers of paper or fibreglass backing. It is then heated in a drying chamber to harden and dry.

Moreover, the boards are sliced into various sizes based on the need or application. The drywall boards’ thickness also varies to accommodate different purposes and ranges. 

For instance, the thinnest boards are optimal for curving walls or adding a layer to existing drywall. On the other hand, thicker panels provide the most advantage if you want to minimise sound or add insulation to an outside wall.

3. Installation

The installation of drywall or plasterboard is a generally quick and efficient process. A skilled installation crew can accomplish work promptly. Since the technique does not necessitate loud power instruments, it creates minimal disruption.

Boards are fastened to the walls with the proper fasteners. One advantage of employing this material is that it can be attached to virtually any surface, from cement blocks to metal or wood studs. It’s also lightweight, making installation easier and safer.

After that, the seams between the boards are neatly taped. A compound is put over the tape to ensure a smooth appearance and to conceal any seams. Many coats of the mixture may be applied to get a faultless appearance.

The surface is primed, painted, and sanded if you want a smooth finish. You can also apply various techniques if you prefer a textured finish rather than a smooth one. 


Drywall or plasterboard is a versatile material that has gained significant popularity in recent years. It’s affordable and has many benefits, which makes it a staple in construction and plastering.

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