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How Is Plasterboard an Essential Component in Construction?

A well-designed skeleton is essential to any stable building, like a healthy human. It supports the weight of the roof, walls, and floors and can withstand the forces of nature. It’s also responsible for holding the building’s contents. 


Contractors construct the building’s skeleton with steel or wood before they cover the walls with sheet metal, timber, or bricks. While the building’s interior walls had plaster, contractors avoided using this material because it was complex and time-consuming to master. 


Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements, most plasterers now use plasterboard to help ensure a more efficient construction project. 


To help you understand the construction process, our plasterers will discuss what plasterboard is, its unique properties, and where they use it in your home. 


What Is Plasterboard?


Plaster is a material made from water and gypsum that resembles a thick paste you can smear onto a wall and smoothen into a finished surface. Property owners can also paint plaster with their desired colour to best match their style. Plasterers worldwide used this material for centuries to finish the internal walls of homes. 


Technological advancements in the construction industry eventually led to the birth of plasterboard, the modern version. Plasterers mix gypsum with water and foaming agents to form a light, airy plaster slurry. They’ll then sandwich the slurry between two thick layers of thick paper and dry them in ovens. 


Unlike traditional plastering methods, plasterers use plasterboards to create perfectly flat sheets of paper to attach to the home’s walls efficiently. 


What Are the Properties of Plasterboard?


After we briefly discuss plasterboard and its origins, this section will enumerate the five unique properties of this material. 


1. Moisture-Resistant


No homeowner would want any mould or mildew growth in their homes, especially in moist areas. Besides being unpleasant, mould can also pose severe health hazards, especially to people with compromised immune systems.


Fortunately, you can keep everyone at home healthy by asking your local plasterers to install specialty wet area plasterboards in your home. This material works best for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 


2. Soundproof


Sometimes, you only want a little peace after a stressful day. You can relax better by asking your plasterers to install a plasterboard for your home. The material’s gypsum core reduces sound transmission through walls. Soundproof varieties are heavier and thicker than the standard ones. 


3. Vapour-Resistant 


Where there is vapour, there is moisture, thus creating the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth. You can protect your home’s structural integrity by letting plasterers install hybrid boards. 


These boards come from plaster and a vapour barrier. Plasterers usually use these boards for walls and ceilings that need protection against vapour.


4. Fire-Resistant 


As a responsible homeowner, you must protect your family and belongings from fire to avoid expensive mistakes. Fortunately, you can enjoy a safer home with a plasterboard core. It’s a fireproof material that slows the transmission of fire and heat while minimising smoke production. Your plasterers can also create them in greater thicknesses and with special additives. 


5. Impact-Resistant


Of course, you’d want your home to withstand any bumps and knocks. You can enjoy a more durable home by asking your plasterers to install impact-resistant plasterboards with heavier cores. 


Where to Use Plasterboard?


While you can usually find plasterboard in all types of buildings, plasterers typically use them in residential and lightweight commercial facilities. They attach them to walls and ceilings to form a flat, even surface that you can paint. 


While hanging plasterboards is straightforward, we highly encourage working with professional plasterers. They’ll have the right tools and experience to cover large areas efficiently. 


Plastering a Better Home


Being a responsible property owner means looking for durable and stylish ways to protect your home. Working with plasterers to install plasterboards for your home helps increase your quality of life indoors and improve property value. 


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