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6 Costly Mistakes When It Comes to Plastering a Home

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Plastering your home can make it look even better and add more protection to brick walls. If you’re doing this by yourself, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid. What are they?

1. Incorrect Removal of Existing Layers

The first mistake you can make when plastering your home is removing the old layers incorrectly. To remove the old layers on your wall:

1. Start by removing the wallpaper or the tiles.

2. Remove the old layers of plaster using a hammer and chisel.

3. If there’s any cracking, use a knife to cut it out.

The plaster has to be removed down to the brick. The last layer should be the layer of plaster you’ll apply as the finish coat. The finish coat can be made out of a few materials like lime, cement and sand.

2. Use of Improper Material

The appropriate material you use will depend on the type of plaster you’re using. This is because different materials require different preparation. For instance, when using lime plaster, you must soak it in water for at least four hours. The other types of plaster can be used immediately without any preparation.

3. Not Using the Right Technique

Different techniques can be used when plastering your home. When applying the material, you want it to reach the edges. You can apply it with a trowel or a plastering knife. Apply the material in a thin layer and make sure it reaches the corners and walls so you can obtain a smooth finish.

Using the wrong materials can mess up your walls. If you use materials that are not suitable for the walls, the walls won’t look as good as you want them to.

4. Using Cheap Tools and Equipment

Using cheap tools and equipment can be dangerous. It can also spoil your efforts. When plastering your home, make sure you invest in the best equipment around. Your tools and equipment must be safe and durable so you can plaster your entire home without any issues.

5. Not Cleaning Your Tools

When plastering your home, you must clean your tools and equipment after every use. This ensures that you don’t transfer any debris from the previous use to the next use. If you don’t clean your tools, you’ll end up with a textured wall you don’t want.

6. Not Hiring Professionals

Unless you are a professional or have the needed skills, we recommend hiring a professional to plaster your home. Many professionals are around, so you should not have difficulty finding one. Hiring professionals can save you from the many mistakes that mess up your walls.

The Bottom Line

Plastering your home can add beauty to your home and make your walls strong. It can be easy to make mistakes when plastering your home. These mistakes, however, can ruin your efforts very quickly. If you want your plastering job to last, you need to plaster your home correctly. Knowing how to avoid these costly mistakes will go a long way.

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