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The Different Materials Used in Stone Cladding and Their Uses

Stone Cladding

Architecture and design will always reference the past. As the era of rustic-looking houses returns, cladding is an excellent way to bring back a look from the past. Homeowners can now transform their modern-looking homes into head-turner properties that can become the talk of the town. But since there are many cladding materials to choose from, which one is the best for your home? Here are some ideas.

1. Mountain Ledge Stone

A natural-looking option, mountain ledge stone is an excellent choice for those who want to make their homes look rustic. The material is made with natural stone and comes in different sizes. It is also a cladding material suitable for walls, roofs, patios and even grills.

In addition, contractors can also install mountain ledge stones on different kinds of terrain and wooden and metal facades. As one of the classic cladding materials, it is not surprising that many homeowners are looking to this option to complete the rustic look of their homes.

2. Natural Stone

Stone claddings give off a traditional and elegant look. Their simple design can easily fit into any home style because of their simple design. They are not just beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but also make for a durable coating. Since some stone claddings have a solid structure, Contractors can also use them for exterior walls.

Stone claddings can also make floorings build personality and style because of their solid structure. If you are looking for something that will last a lifetime, stone cladding is what you should go for. It is an excellent choice for covering a patio or porch as well.

3. Coursed Stone

Coursed stone is a material that is made from natural stone bricks. It is trendy in the UK and is known for its signature look of natural-looking stone stonework. This cladding material is ideal for use on floors and walls.

Many homeowners go for coursed stone cladding because of its warm colours, texture, and dirt-repellent finish. It is also a versatile option that contractors can use for various buildings, including residences and commercial establishments.

4. Country Rubble Stone

Country rubble stone is an excellent choice for those who want to make their homes stand out. It is a cladding material ideal for adding a rustic touch to any modern home. It is an ideal option for those who want a country cottage look.

In addition, country rubble stone can help improve the look of any modern home, giving it that natural look. It is also a good cladding material because of its durability, brought upon by high-quality limestone.

5. Artesia Stone

Artesia stone is one of the most versatile and most acceptable options in the market. It is a natural stone that can provide a unique look to any home. It is also a durable material, ideal for exterior walls.

Artesia stone is a light-coloured stone with a solid appearance. It is a versatile cladding material that homeowners can use for patios, paths and walls. Its durability makes it an ideal option for covering the exterior of any home.


Cladding is a convenient way to add a rustic look to a modern home. Each cladding material has its unique look, providing a different kind of appeal. Homeowners can go rustic with a stone cladding for a more vintage yet classy look. However, remember to look for the best contractors to ensure the cladding job ends as expected.

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