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4 Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Plaster Ceilings

Ceilings made of plaster are a common feature in older homes and buildings, and when properly maintained, they can last for many years. However, a plaster ceiling can become dingy and worn if not cared for properly. To ensure your plaster ceiling looks its best, it’s important to follow a few basic steps for cleaning and maintenance. 

Before beginning any cleaning or maintenance, removing any furniture or objects from the room and covering the floor to protect it from water or other cleaning agents is important. It’s also a good idea to wear a dust mask, goggles, and gloves to avoid inhaling any dust particles. 

1. Vacuum with a Soft Brush Attachment

The first step in cleaning a plaster ceiling is to vacuum it using a soft brush attachment. This will remove any dust, cobwebs, and other debris. If there are any stubborn stains or dirt spots, they can be removed using a damp (not wet) cloth. 

If more aggressive cleaning is needed, a solution of soap and water can be used. It’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges, as these can damage the plaster.

2. Check for Any Cracks or Damage

In addition to cleaning your plaster ceilings, it is important to inspect them regularly for any signs of damage. These can include cracks, bulges, or sagging. If you notice any of these, it is important to contact a professional plastering service as soon as possible to avoid further damage. If any cracks have appeared, they should be filled with a plaster repair compound.

3. Apply Paint or Sealant

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning plaster ceilings, one of the most important steps is to apply a sealant. A sealant helps to protect the plaster from moisture, humidity, and dirt, which can cause it to deteriorate over time. It also makes it easier to clean, as the sealant will make the surface more resistant to staining and dirt buildup.

When applying the sealant, use a brush or roller and apply an even coat of the product over the entire surface. Ensure not to over-saturate the surface, as this can cause the sealant to run and form puddles. Once the sealant has been applied, let it sit for around 24 hours before wiping away any excess.

4. Do Maintenance

Finally, it is important to remember that regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to keep your plaster ceilings looking their best. A professional plastering service can help you with this task, as they have the knowledge and expertise to care for your plaster ceilings properly. They can also inspect your ceilings for any signs of damage and provide the necessary repairs. By following these tips, you can ensure that your plaster ceilings remain beautiful and in good condition for many years to come.


Plaster ceilings are a great way to add an elegant and classic touch to any space, but they require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh and attractive. However, if you find that your plaster ceilings require professional cleaning and maintenance, you should seek the help of a professional plastering service. They have the expertise, tools and knowledge to clean, restore and maintain your plaster ceilings properly, so you can be sure that your ceilings will remain beautiful for years to come.

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