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Heard about Industrial Interior Design? Here’s What It Is

Industrial Interior design studio apartment

Industrial interior design is marked by simple utilitarianism, combining raw and rough materials with modern elements. This design style allows designers to use natural, recycled and repurposed materials while maintaining a sleek and modern look. All this began in the 70s when many older factories and warehouses were closing down and converted into living spaces. Rather than completely covering up the industrial look of these buildings, designers began decorating around them.

Thus, it emphasises the raw, unfinished look of industrial spaces. It often features exposed brick, ductwork, other structural elements, and natural materials like wood and metal.

Industrial interior design is marked by exposed materials and unfinished looks such as cement and plastering, perfect for those who appreciate raw and unfinished aesthetics that are visually appealing but also low-maintenance and low-cost. It is a trend that makes them into features rather than flaws. 

The aesthetic is often used in lofts and converted warehouses, where the industrial look of the building is part of its charm, emphasising a building’s history and using recycled materials like scrap wood while also creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Let’s explore this design trend deeper with its distinct characteristics:

  • Exposed areas: Industrial interior design focuses on leaving certain elements exposed that are normally concealed. This includes brickwork, pipes, ducts, wood, metal, plastering, and concrete surfaces.

  • Instinctive finishes and neutral colours: Designers who subscribe to the industrial style use natural finishes and neutral tones instead of brightly painted walls or patterned tiles. They favour grey concrete, natural unfinished wood, and sleek metallic details. These natural finishes and neutral tones in a decorating scheme give the space a warm and inviting feeling that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

  • Natural open spaces: Industrial-style interiors tend to be minimalistic, focusing on function over form. This often results in open plan living areas, as having fewer walls and dividers creates the illusion of more space. This style is about making the most of your space and ensuring that everything has a purpose, even if it’s an unpainted cement wall or plastering.

  • Application of old, reusable components: Industrial interiors typically feature vintage-inspired pieces and antique light fixtures. However, some designers also use upcycled furniture and materials to give the space more character. For example, a pallet sofa or picture frame made from salvaged wood would be perfect for an industrial interior.

Creating This Look for Your Space

Designing an interior with an industrial flair requires thinking outside the box and being creative with your space. Use existing building features, such as exposed brick walls or metal beams, and work them into your design. Incorporate industrial lighting fixtures and furniture to complete the look.

To achieve this aesthetic in your home, try to incorporate some exposed brickwork or refinish an old hardwood floor instead of replacing it. You can also choose vintage lighting in cool metallic colours, functional furnishings, and upcycled accessories in neutral tones.

The industrial style combines raw, unfinished elements with sleek, modern furnishings. Think exposed brick walls, metal beams and ductwork, concrete floors and surfaces, and large windows. It’s not exactly sleek, but not also on the button regarding a utilitarian space. When done well, it can be a stylish and unique look for your home.

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