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Ways to Ensure Your Walls Last a Long Time


You might not recognise it initially, but your walls are one of the things that other people see once they set foot inside your home. Whether you have an open floor plan or closed-up rooms, these walls must be a point of interest. Because of this, they have to be something you can be proud of.

That’s why you must determine what could be affecting your dry wall’s appearance and what you can do to ensure it will last a long time. After all, if you want to avoid the cost of constant repairs, it’s best to pay attention to the following drywall issues.

Make Sure They Are Plastered Well

Plastering pertains to applying the finishing layer of drywall onto a mudded wall. This layer serves as a protective cover over the wall’s wood or metal frame. If you did not correctly do this layer, it might appear evident once you stare at the border. You’ll see uneven patches or bumps that are not supposed to be there.

Ensure the Paint Lasts

Painting your walls is one sure way to bring out the best in your home. It exudes elegance, peace and tranquillity. However, the effort is for naught if the paint fades or chips in the long run.

The best thing to do is apply two coats of paint for better effect. This is especially true for medium or dark colours. Choosing a suitable primer for the paint to stick to the surface is also a good idea.

Avoid Excess Humidity

Like with any other wall type, humidity is a significant factor when it comes to drywall. When you do not maintain your home’s humidity levels to a certain degree, the drywall will start to crack and fade.

To manage the damaging moisture in your home, you can use a humidifier when the humidity levels are below 30 per cent to protect your walls from being too dry. Alternatively, you can always use the dehumidifier when it’s above 50 per cent. It does the opposite of the humidifier by sucking out all the moisture to the outside.

Check for Cracks

Cracks are common in aging walls. They might start from the structural joints but can sometimes spread to the wood or metal frames. You might have to replace the walls with newer ones if there are cracks.

One way to check this is to tap at the wall by hand. If it sounds hollow, chances are there are some air pockets between the base and the plaster. It’s best to be proactive about this so that the crack won’t spread.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend money on something that you can repair. So why not employ drywall company services that can help you with this? You can trust them to do an excellent job without any hassle. Though it’ll cost you some money, it’s worth it in the long term. 

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your walls last a lifetime requires proper maintenance and care. If you neglect them, you’ll spend more on repairs and replacements.

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