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Going for a Drywall Cover over Taking Down a Popcorn Ceiling

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Would you want to fix or remove a popcorn ceiling? It’s important to remember that removing a popcorn ceiling is a really unpleasant job. Also, repairing a hole just means doing that. 

Instead, you ought to think about just adding a fresh coat of drywall over the entire unsightly mess. It’s most likely the simplest technique to achieve the finest outcomes.

Dry Wall for Your Ceiling

The task of replacing an old ceiling with new drywall is difficult, time-consuming, and messy. But occasionally, it’s the best course of action. 

Experienced remodelers agreed on one thing: Sometimes, hiding an old ceiling will ultimately save time, money, and hassles.

Cutting holes in the ceiling without having to make complicated repairs later is one of the finest things about a ceiling cover-up project. 

Therefore, now is the ideal time to run networking connections, instal a ceiling fan, or add or change light fixtures. You can even repair floor creaks or run new plumbing for a future bathroom makeover if there is living space above the ceiling. 

The details that demonstrate how drywall can answer your problem are the subject of the following sections.

Drywall Damage

The ceiling in this article had a flaking texture, stains, and holes, so it was really quicker and simpler to cover it all with fresh drywall than to try to fix it. Repairing your holes or stains usually makes more sense if you only have a few of them.

Coniferous Ceiling

There are a few choices available if you have a strongly textured ceiling but simply don’t like the way it looks. The most typical method for removing unpainted texture is to wet it with a spray bottle and scrape off the softer material. 

That method of removing the popcorn ceiling causes a huge mess and almost invariably necessitates repairs.

Some professionals skim-coat the entire ceiling with joint compound after scraping the painted texture as best they can. Skim coating requires some experience, and scraping dried texture is a messy, dusty endeavour. 

The texture of your home may also include asbestos, which can seriously harm your lungs if it was built before 1979. Therefore, it needs to be tested before being removed. 

As long as you properly adhere to safe techniques, you can remove asbestos-containing material by yourself. Covering a ceiling is frequently simpler than removing texturing because of all of these factors.

Shattered Plaster

Repairing the short, tight cracks in a plaster and lath ceiling is probably better than covering the ceiling. But making long-lasting repairs is challenging if the ceiling is covered in cracks or if the plaster next to the fissures feels flimsy to the touch. 

Even after thorough repairs, plaster cracks frequently reappear. According to some professionals, the easiest way to ensure they won’t have to return and fix the ceiling again and again is to cover plaster ceilings routinely. 

Before applying the ceiling covering, remove any loose or sagging plaster.


You want to be sure you receive the greatest value for your money because remodelling your house is a significant financial commitment. Going with a drywall cover rather than removing a popcorn ceiling is one way to save money. 

A drywall cover is a great way to update your ceiling without having to do a lot of work. It is a simple option that can help you save money over time.

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