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Choosing the Right Ceiling Paint Colour for Your Room

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Plasterers know that there is no one method to paint a ceiling. Even if you choose basic white, there are as many nuanced tints for your ceiling as there are for your walls. If you don’t choose the right one, you may make a mistake that you’ll look at for months or years. 


Here are some suggestions for selecting a ceiling paint colour that best complements your home, regardless of whether you want your ceiling to blend in, harmonise, or contrast with your walls.


Matching the Walls


If your walls are off-white or another very pale colour, the most straightforward answer is to put the same colour on the ceiling. For example, you can have the walls and ceiling all the same off-white colour, with just a trace of creamy warmth.


Using a single colour for the walls and ceiling de-emphasises the spots where various surfaces intersect, instead focusing the eyes on other aspects such as furniture, architectural details, and art.


This is true even if the walls and ceiling are divided by brilliant white mouldings. The ceiling still fades away, but the eye can now see the mouldings, such as skirting boards and cornices.


Overall, using the same mild neutral colour for the walls and ceiling creates a pleasant feeling of peace, particularly when used throughout the home for continuity.


When applied to the ceiling, however, the deeper the colour you pick, the more it might reduce the area. This isn’t terrible if you have a lofty room or want the space to seem cosy. However, if you’re going darker with your walls or your wall colour isn’t neutral, you might want to look into alternative possibilities.


Crisp White Ceilings


A fresh coat of white paint is arguably the most common choice for ceilings, and it’s not a terrible safe decision. However, painting your ceiling white isn’t always as straightforward as purchasing a couple of cans of white paint and calling it a day.


A comparable untinted white for the ceiling can work well in areas with brilliant white walls with no visible undertones to offer a feeling of gallery-like seamlessness.


If your walls aren’t pure white, think about how the tones of the two surfaces will seem next to each other—and if your ceiling paint should match, contrast, or be somewhere in between.


Tinted Ceilings


You can ensure that the ceiling colour corresponds effectively with the wall colour by tinting it with just a tiny bit of the wall colour, whether you’re choosing a deep neutral or a vibrant hue. If you’re going with a rich buttery cream for the walls, go with a ceiling white that has just a little of the same yellowy undertone.


Making the Ceiling Darker


The concept of tinting paints to match may also be applied in reverse. For example, a dark paint treatment in the ceiling cove may draw attention to the architecture and make the area feel more personal.


The colour should have comparable tones to the wallpaper and the trim colour of the doors and mouldings. The warm trim colour is from the same colour family as the ceiling, so no elements conflict.


Having a Contrasting Ceiling


Of course, a ceiling in a colour that contrasts sharply with the walls may be stunning. For example, you might have an extremely pale blue in the ceiling coves and white on the walls for a high-contrast look. Colour coordination isn’t an exact science, but various ways exist to achieve this look.




The key to picking a ceiling paint colour is to choose one that will either effectively blend in with the walls or tastefully contrast your walls and room.


It is crucial to ensure that they harmonise with the room’s configuration. Having a neutral colour on the ceiling may make your space feel more open while using a colour that contrasts may make it visually stunning. Your reliable plastering service may help you decide which colours suit your plastered ceiling better.


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