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The Various Benefits of Applying Exterior Cladding to Your Home

Exterior Cladding

The exterior cladding of a house protects its interior and its overall structure. Just like how our skin protects our body’s organs and muscles from the external bacteria, it preserves the house’s interior elements from the outside weather conditions.

They are usually made up of different materials, each of which has its own characteristics. The type of material used is dependent on the overall design of the house, its theme, and the common external climate. The claddings can be made of wood, metal, stone or even concrete.

That said, they provide a variety of benefits in the long run. Below are just a few examples.

1. They Ensure Safety and Protection

Exterior cladding provides protection to the house and its occupants. It provides a barrier that prevents both physical and water damage. The kind of cladding you have installed also determines the level of protection that it can provide.

If you are installing limestone cladding, it will be harder to break into. Stone cladding is also a more durable option and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

2. They Are Durable

The durability of each cladding type is determined by its composition. However, most exterior claddings are usually made from very durable materials. These materials can withstand the various weather conditions that your home is bound to experience.

It is also important to determine the overall durability of the cladding. As mentioned, there are different types of cladding materials. Wood, for example, is not as long-lasting as stone. On the other hand, stone cladding can last longer than brick or concrete.

3. They Are Cost-Effective

Exterior cladding materials are also relatively affordable. One of the best things about it is that it does not require frequent maintenance. It does not go through any cosmetic changes, making it a great choice for homeowners on a budget.

4. They Offer Exceptional Appearance

The appearance of your house is another important reason why you need to install exterior cladding. The look of your house can greatly affect its value. Many homeowners resort to exterior cladding to protect their investment and increase their home’s appeal.

The appearance of your house largely depends on its exterior. After all, it is the first thing that people see when they glance at your house. Exterior cladding can create an amazing appearance and make your house stand out.

5. They Enhance the Overall Value of Your Home

Exterior cladding also increases the value of your property. It can add up to its value in the future if you ever plan to sell it. It can add up to a couple of thousands of dollars in your home’s value.

If you are planning to sell your house, a considerably beautiful exterior will make it more attractive to potential buyers. It can help you sell your house faster.

6. They Are Low Maintenance

Most types of exterior cladding do not require much maintenance, making it a practical choice. Stucco, for example, is low-maintenance as it is resistant to water damage.

On the other hand, brick requires regular maintenance, including repointing and cleaning. There are some cladding types that require full repainting, such as unpainted wood.


Whether you are building a new home or simply improving the appearance of your current one, exterior cladding is a great solution. The different types of cladding materials will provide a variety of benefits in the long run.

The durability of each type of cladding also determines its overall cost. Hire one of the best building contractors to help you decide on the right cladding material for your home.

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